Master PBPE (Process and BioProcess Engineering)

Course structure

Master “Process and BioProcess Engineering” is a 2 years integrated program (starting in September) : 3 academic semesters (lectures in English) and 6-month internship in industry or in a research laboratory.​
The first two semesters are common and take place at IMT-Atlantique, which offers a balanced program of basics in engineering sciences, management, process engineering, modeling and control, with a large focus on environmental issues.

The course is taught only in English International Faculty mixing Academia and Industry experts .You obtain a Master degree accredited By Ministry of Higher Education and Research

Career : Work in Industry (Project Engineers, Consultants, Development Engineer, Production Director, Manager of Research Institutions, etc.)

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Autres formations

ToutesMasterIngénieurTechnicien supérieur
- Interdisciplinaire en Technologies Innovantes -

Université de nantes

- Agroalimentaire -

Oniris - Nantes

- Génie des procédés et des bioprocédés -

Polytech - Nantes

- généraliste -

IMT Atlantique - Nantes

Technicien supérieur
- génie des procédés -

IUT de Saint-Nazaire

Technicien supérieur
- Génie biologique / option génie de l'environnement -

IUT de La Roche-sur-Yon

Technicien supérieur
- Génie Thermique et Energie -

IUT de Nantes

Technicien supérieur
- Sciences et Génie des Matériaux -

IUT de Nantes

Technicien supérieur
- Génie Mécanique et Productique -

IUT de Nantes